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i probably should’ve foresaw that i’d be up all night after an acid trip. it happened before. Except last time, i was up all night baking cookies with friends in our underwear. This time, i had Veronica Mars reruns. I’m still not the least bit tired.

My trip on LSD was a very nice one. I remember having a strange thought of how there were other people exactly like me (personality-wise) and how we were all somehow connected. This thought was, of course, had in a sandwich shop (i should not have been near people).

Any other mind-blowing epiphanies are forgotten. I’m surprised i remembered that one. I find it hilarious when i’m with my friend talking, we go on a tangent, and immediately forget what we were talking about. Some might find it frightening that you can’t remember what you spoke literally two seconds ago. But once you get past that part, it’s pretty fuckin’ hilarious. That whole conversation you may have just had—gone.

So i’m still awake after a night of awesomeness. But it’s okay. I have Veronica Mars.

I do drugs. I like drugs. Drugs are fun. I don’t do it for attention or ‘cause my life is a mess. I do it for every other reason people who drugs do drugs. Drugs are awesome. Now, people who haven’t done drugs wouldn’t understand and would just think i’m a druggie.

I never take drugs alone. I’m always with friends when i do ‘em ‘cause i don’t see the point in doing it alone. Drugs help me relax and open up so i prefer doing them in social settings with other people who are doing them.

I research whatever i’m gonna taken. I don’t just mindlessly smoke or take everything that’s handed to me. If people are gonna do drugs, don’t be stupid about it. Drugs are dangerous as fuck and shouldn’t be messed around with, so people should be safe when doing them. It may sound like an oxymoron, but seriously, know what you’re about to put into your body.

I won’t touch meth or heroin. One of my exes was a meth addict (not while we were going out), but i saw what it did to him. Before & after shit. So that’s already keeping me at bay. And i’ve heard so many stories about meth and heroin; enough so that i won’t even touch it.

The only time i ever had a bad drug experience was from Dramamine which is a motion sickness drug you can get over the counter. But my recreational drug use has yet to give me any reason to stop.

I just felt like giving my two cents on drugs for me.


The Beatles! Funny ^.^


The Beatles! Funny ^.^

— John Armstrong